Heroes of the New World

The Real Test

Following the Heroes defeat of the zombies, they expected an audience with Croesis. Much to their surprise they were greeted with these words from Vaughn, “You have proven yourselves worth of the real test.”

At those words, Croesis raised five zombies with a boney shovel-like hand and a large zombie hulk. The battle proved frustrating for the Heroes, who managed to stay in the fight, even if they couldn’t stay on their feet.

Once the hulk had been defeated for good, the Heroes were escorted to meet with Croesis, who gave each a gem as a show of good will and as a prize for passing the test. The discussion between the Heroes and Croesis was a positive one. Croesis gave a background of the tribe (see Black Ravens History post) and provided some guidelines for a peaceful relationship with the colony.

The Heroes returned to the colony and reported about their meeting with the Black Ravens. The group summarized that as long as the colony remains neutral, there should not be a problem with the tribe, but if there is a problem, the Black Ravens will be a formidable threat. Captain Wyatt thanked the group for their effort and awarded them a pair of magic boots as a reward.

The Black Ravens' Test

After the Heroes’ encounter with the drunkards, the group decided to wait to report to the Captain until after the following day’s meeting. The Black Ravens’ representative, who introduced himself as Vaughn, met the group the following day at the appointed time. He led the group to the tribe’s camp. Along the way to told the Heroes it was a rare experience to receive an audience with Croesis and one’s worthiness to do so would be tested. Vaughn led the group to an arena surrounded by a wooden fence. Once the Heroes entered the arena, they noticed an old woman in an observation area chanting. When she finished, many undead creatures rose from the arena floor and fought the group. The Heroes dispatched the zombies with little effort. The group now waits to see what will happen next.

Dealing with Drunkards

By the time the Heroes of the New World returned to the colony, night was firmly upon the land. The party decided to wait until the morning to report to Captain Wyatt. During the evening, Sawyer Well, the local inn owner, made a long-term deal with the Heroes for free room and board when in town, so long as he is provided with a few extra barrels of water. Upon meeting with the Captain, the party provided him with a rough map of the location of the lake. At the request of Varis, the Captain said he would look into the possibility of sending any extra guards to help the Iron Coterie at the lake. The party was rewarded with 500 gp for their success. Wyatt introduced an old wizard to the party named Jameth Vanefroost. Vanefroost came to the New World aboard the ship of Thelonious, a merchant lord. He made the journey to serve as Captain Wyatt’s advisor. The meeting was interrupted by a guard who reported a disturbance to the Captain. Two drunk colonialists were down by the river yell, hurling insults and generally making a scene directed towards, what was suspected to be, members of the southern tribe. The Captain asked the Heroes to defuse the situation. He also said he would have Jameth enchant a item for them if the could make contact with the southern tribe. The party made multiple attempts to talk the drunkards into returning to home, but the inebriated pair still managed to throw a couple of rocks at the tribesmen. Though they moved to a defensive posture, the strange group did not return the attack. Just as its appeared the group could talk the drunks into going home, Amethyst raised her stone fists, brought them down on the back of the necks of the drunks and knocked them unconcious. Once the situation was defused, the leader of the group approached the river bank and began a short discussion with the party. He spoke very broken, labored Common, indicating it was not a language he was comfortable with. The Elven archers reacted the same way when spoken to in Elven. He mentioned the name of his tribe was the Black Ravens. The human leader asked the Heroes to meet him there the following day with the possibility of taking them to meet the leader of the Black Ravens, Croesis. The Heroes decided to inform the Captain the situation had been taken care of, but not say anything about the potential meeting.

The Adventure So Far

The story of the Heroes of the New World did not begin in a heroic fashion. These intrepid adventurers first met while incarcerated in Duprand, in the Kingdom of Loxland. The reasons for their imprisonment were varied, but when the opportunity arose to take a fresh start, they were easily convinced to grab it. After a daring, yet successful prison break, the new adventuring party made its way to the new world. Thus began the new life for the noble half-elf wizard Varis Stormweaver, the crafty halfling rouge Xander Maclaughlin, the courageous genasi swordmage Amethyst-Ashar Genasi and the intense drow cleric Brizala Hun’ett. Upon their arrival to the new world, they were commissioned by the local leader, Captain Wyatt, to help find a reliable source of fresh water for the colony. The party’s search first took them north, where they encountered the tribe known as the Gray Fangs. Led by a half-elf named Agantha, this tribe of druids was initial difficult to communicate with, but Varis used his arcane knowledge to perform the comprehend language ritual and informed the tribe the Heroes were not a threat. Agantha directed the group to a small island just off the coast, noting this was home of the Water Spirit. The Heroes rented a boat to travel to the island. They were contacted by a goblin shortly after their arrival, asking the party to assist the Dark Blades, a splintered branch of a vicious thieves guild from the old world, clear out the cave system of its locals. The party said they would think about it and continued to search for the spirit. They quickly found the Water Spirit’s lair and were greeted by the lair’s guardian, a young wyrmling. The wyrmling proved a difficult fight, but nothing the group could not handle. Once the guardian was gone, the Water Spirt appeared to speak to the Heroes. She said she would help them, but only if they successfully completed her experiment, “to create a change in the status quo.” Unsure of what the spirit meant and knowing the Dark Blades wanted help destroying the local residents, the Heroes chose to seek out the locals to learn more about them. Eventually, the party found two groups of creatures, the myconids and the grippli. The myconids, a humanoid race resembling fungi, sought nothing but seclusion. The energetic frog-like creatures known as the grippli were clearly not a violent tribe and the Heroes felt it was best to help them instead of assisting the Dark Blades. With assistance from three grippli warriors and a myconid, the party cleared out the Dark Blades lair to allow these tribes to live in peace. The Dark Blade leader, a drow named Krom, escaped during the battle, much to the frustration of Brizala. The Heroes used a strange device found in the Dark Blades’ lair to collapse the myconids tunnel, per their wishes. With the grippli safe from the intruders, the party returned to the Water Spirt, who gave Varis and Brizala the ability to create water through a ritual. With this power the group returned to the colony to report to Captain Wyatt. After much discussion, it was decided another source of water was needed as the party was unwilling to dedicated their lives to providing water and nothing else. The party was contacted by members of an adventuring party known as the Iron Coterie. Quint, the leader of the group, explained they believed they knew of a source of water not too far from the colony, but they had met resistance on their way there and had to retreat. The Heroes felt the Iron Coterie’s interest in helping the colony was genuine so they agreed to help. The combined group found the resistance, a very large swarm of kruthiks. After a hard-fought battle, the kruthiks were destroyed and the party found the lake. The Iron Coterie chose to remain to guard the lake while the Heroes returned to the colony to report the findings. With a source of fresh water now a viable option, the party headed back, but were delayed slightly by a small pack of wolves. The wolves were nothing more than an annoyance and the party continued back to the colony…


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