Heroes of the New World

The Real Test

Following the Heroes defeat of the zombies, they expected an audience with Croesis. Much to their surprise they were greeted with these words from Vaughn, “You have proven yourselves worth of the real test.”

At those words, Croesis raised five zombies with a boney shovel-like hand and a large zombie hulk. The battle proved frustrating for the Heroes, who managed to stay in the fight, even if they couldn’t stay on their feet.

Once the hulk had been defeated for good, the Heroes were escorted to meet with Croesis, who gave each a gem as a show of good will and as a prize for passing the test. The discussion between the Heroes and Croesis was a positive one. Croesis gave a background of the tribe (see Black Ravens History post) and provided some guidelines for a peaceful relationship with the colony.

The Heroes returned to the colony and reported about their meeting with the Black Ravens. The group summarized that as long as the colony remains neutral, there should not be a problem with the tribe, but if there is a problem, the Black Ravens will be a formidable threat. Captain Wyatt thanked the group for their effort and awarded them a pair of magic boots as a reward.



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