Heroes of the New World

Dealing with Drunkards

By the time the Heroes of the New World returned to the colony, night was firmly upon the land. The party decided to wait until the morning to report to Captain Wyatt. During the evening, Sawyer Well, the local inn owner, made a long-term deal with the Heroes for free room and board when in town, so long as he is provided with a few extra barrels of water. Upon meeting with the Captain, the party provided him with a rough map of the location of the lake. At the request of Varis, the Captain said he would look into the possibility of sending any extra guards to help the Iron Coterie at the lake. The party was rewarded with 500 gp for their success. Wyatt introduced an old wizard to the party named Jameth Vanefroost. Vanefroost came to the New World aboard the ship of Thelonious, a merchant lord. He made the journey to serve as Captain Wyatt’s advisor. The meeting was interrupted by a guard who reported a disturbance to the Captain. Two drunk colonialists were down by the river yell, hurling insults and generally making a scene directed towards, what was suspected to be, members of the southern tribe. The Captain asked the Heroes to defuse the situation. He also said he would have Jameth enchant a item for them if the could make contact with the southern tribe. The party made multiple attempts to talk the drunkards into returning to home, but the inebriated pair still managed to throw a couple of rocks at the tribesmen. Though they moved to a defensive posture, the strange group did not return the attack. Just as its appeared the group could talk the drunks into going home, Amethyst raised her stone fists, brought them down on the back of the necks of the drunks and knocked them unconcious. Once the situation was defused, the leader of the group approached the river bank and began a short discussion with the party. He spoke very broken, labored Common, indicating it was not a language he was comfortable with. The Elven archers reacted the same way when spoken to in Elven. He mentioned the name of his tribe was the Black Ravens. The human leader asked the Heroes to meet him there the following day with the possibility of taking them to meet the leader of the Black Ravens, Croesis. The Heroes decided to inform the Captain the situation had been taken care of, but not say anything about the potential meeting.



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